Does this sound like a scam to you!

mamahud, Jan 23, 1:02am
Well they are still out there scamming. I got a message from Daniel Gibson this morning. Totally identical to the other messages to other people except that we are selling a boat. Do not send money to this crook. Very glad I checked him out.

welshdude, Jan 26, 10:09am
I'm curious to know how the scam works. Does PayPal not guarantee payment!

unideck, Jan 26, 11:14am
We had an issue with Pay Mate (similar crowd) in our on-line store, some twot in the UK paid with his Visa card, get this, 3 months later turns out they/he/she used a stolen card and Pay Mate took the money back :( still considering the on-line sales, is it worth the risk!

hi_tec, Dec 17, 10:33pm

how i wish to come and testdrive this car but not possible as i'm currently away from the country. I'm a marine engineer who's on a ship right now in Bahamas. I'll be paying via PayPal and i'm more than happy to pay the PayPal transfer charges too. Due to the distance as i'm in Bahamas presently, i'll arrange the pick-up of the car with a Private Courier Service as soon as you get your payment, I need you to provide the following details so that i can proceed with the Payment.

Your PayPal e-Mail Address :
Final Price :

After i make the payment and you get the funds the Courier Service will come and pick up the car at your home at your convenient time also the courier will help me sign the required papers.

Have a nice day

phillip.weston, Dec 17, 10:33pm
yes, scam.

pettal, Dec 17, 10:38pm
string him along and waste his time and have a bit of fun at his expense .

hi_tec, Dec 17, 10:41pm
Dont need to ask, just showing what I recieved, there are actually people who would send info etc. Hopefully nobody on here, haha.

fireants, Dec 17, 11:02pm
yea i got exactly the same message lol, total scam

greenwing, Dec 18, 3:27am
I got a similar email for a harley davidson part I was advertising, it was only worth $300. These guys must have some sort of software setup that searches for a particuliar word or words, and automatically emails that listing. His email said he had a friend picking it up, so I told him "don't bother with Paypal, get your friend to pay me on pickup" . that was the last I heard from him.

therafter1, Dec 18, 3:32am
How do you know it was a 'him' Deborah, it might have been a 'her'. Could you tell by the font that they used in the e-mail or what !

There are lots of shady 'hers' out there too you know.

redslapper, Dec 18, 8:35am
did this, had some fun whilst doing it lol. He was very desperit to get my item, he or she got sick of me lol

zephyrheaven, Dec 18, 8:36am
Can I have his email - Ive got my sucker email down pat!!

gunhand, Dec 18, 8:37am
Naaaaa sounds sweet as. go for it whats to loose.

neville48, Dec 18, 11:15am
had two of them,if you discuss with them the size of their genitalia and their hidden desires regards their mothers they go away.funny that.

matthew111, Dec 18, 8:29pm
scam scam scam scam

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