Happy NEW year

johnf_456, Dec 31, 11:02am
Thanks bud and very true. I can be a bit of a stirrer at times but a honest guy at heart.

male_timaru, Jan 1, 10:49am
just wanted to say happy new year to everyone - and an apology to those who i have wronged in the past - may you forgive me and realise i am not the same person - peace to one and all


clark20, Jan 1, 10:54am
Have a good one Will, I hope you and your daughter have a great year

male_timaru, Jan 1, 10:55am
hope so - couldn't have been much more shitty the past 15 months lol

2012 - BRING IT ON BABY else i will crack !

urbanrefugee54, Jan 1, 10:56am
this next year will be as it will. as long as we are alive at the end of it, to appreciate the little foibles or bumps in the road of life.

johnf_456, Jan 1, 10:57am
Have a good one, ditto your apology to people I have wronged in the past. Fresh start and bring on the fresh new year.

male_timaru, Jan 1, 10:57am
sweet sentiments john - you seem all good mate - heart in right place - even if words a little askew at tie lol !

feeling you suffer the same honesty at all costs syndrome i have sometime s haaha

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