E46 coupe vs E39

rlr29, Dec 31, 11:26am
bumping.somthing about cars.

richard198, Dec 31, 11:37am
Everyone's too pissed to type! Maybe tomorrow!:)

vtecnet, Jan 1, 12:07am
e39 is a good 200kg heavier, more comfy and roomy, still handle well for the size. if you want out right driving fun get the E46 Coupe if space isn't a concern.

richard198, Jan 1, 12:17am
I know the E46 coupe is bigger than the E46 sedan, but do you happen to know how it compares length and width (track) with the E39!

vtecintegra, Jan 1, 12:25am
The numbers are here:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_5_Series_(E39) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_3_Series_(E46)

The E46 is quite a bit more modern too remember

elect70, Jan 1, 12:48am
BMW s get heavier & bigger with every change .Reckon origonal M5best , collectable these days .

hawat, Jan 1, 1:04am
yep 3.8L 6 cylinder m5. Followed one up the onramp at Constellation going into town on the Northern Motorway. I was flat out in a 540 and wasn't making up ground on him

wrong2, Jan 1, 1:10am

id prefer the V8

vtecnet, Jan 1, 1:23am

richard198, Jan 1, 2:20am
Thanks for the links; I'd already been through the wiki sites but they only mention width of vehicle, not the track.
So as far as cornering is concerned, the 3.0L coupe(M/sport) is better than the 3.0L E39 sedan(M/sport)!

vtecintegra, Jan 1, 2:29am
I'd say so (haven't actually driven a coupe but I'd assume its as good as the sedan)

jimane, Jan 1, 9:40am
yeah i drive a 5 speed e46 318i, the handling is amazing! very smooth and grippy! you can fly through round about with NO body roll! big thing you need to know is IF ABUSED THEY WILL BREAK! i have snapped diffs ect. very expensive!
Honest opinion is that the e4 is a great ride!

elect70, Jan 2, 1:50am
They stroked the 3.5 to 3.8 in the M5real rocket in its day

richard198, Jan 1, 10:54am
I'm interested in hearing about people's opinion about the driving experience (handling etc.) difference between the E46 coupe motorsport 3.0L and the E39 sedan motorsport 3.0L (I already know about the basic obvious differences but would welcome insights not always written about). TIA!

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