Green sticker WOF to the testing station or not?

Just purchased a car for cheap as to make some money from and its green stickered im just wondering if you have to take it to the testing station or just a normal WOF place! I know you used to be able to go to a normal WOF place but havint been in this situation for a few years and a mate says green or pink both have to go to testing station now.

Cheers people

driver_1ollie, Mar 9, 9:42 pm

green stickervtnz only cost is 100$ for that wof.

driver_intrade, Mar 9, 9:42 pm

green/pink sticker can be removed at a licenced vehicle testing facility, so longs as they do wof only and no repairs (as I understand) - so VTNZ or any other independent testing facility that is a WOF/COF only place

driver_mr40cal, Mar 9, 9:51 pm

Really! thats weird because pink sticker is only $80

driver_1ollie, Mar 9, 9:53 pm

Still doesint really give me a defanat answer to my question though

driver_1ollie, Mar 9, 9:53 pm

Why does it cost more if you have a green/pink sticker!

driver_a18a, Mar 9, 9:58 pm

No to sure just allways has but its a f*cking stupid thing and not fair!

driver_1ollie, Mar 9, 9:59 pm

Hey Ollie I went to vinz cost me 70

driver_hounddog2, Mar 9, 10:01 pm

oh well I tried

driver_mr40cal, Mar 9, 10:07 pm

Sorry I just didint take your post right.
I researched up afterwards and saw that the law got changed a few years ago as my mate said so sorry for that.

driver_1ollie, Mar 9, 11:23 pm

The law didn't change, the NZTA's interpretation of it did. Last year too, not a few years ago. Where you need to go is a Transport Service Delivery Agent (TSDA) which in general terms means VTNZ, VINZ and AA but there are a couple independents as well.

driver_smac, Mar 10, 8:11 am

but.there is alot not printed on the site or known to public

find out the date it was stickered as there was a change over point i think 8monthes ago

driver_ct9a, Mar 10, 8:15 am

Correct or more so find out why it was green stickered then,you have a place to start before going to vtnz and getting raped.

driver_1fordluva, Mar 10, 8:37 am

i went to vtnz with a clients car with green sticker for no tail lights. and got charged 100$ that was over a year ago now also vtnz near industrial bunnings rewarewa road. is all i can tell myabe they make prices how ever they like .
the coppers will have written a note as to why it was green stickerd.

driver_intrade, Mar 10, 8:56 am

Nope. The issue date is irrelevant as to who can remove it.

driver_smac, Mar 10, 9:06 am

you took a risk

driver_spead, Mar 10, 9:42 am

Whether or not the law should be applied depends on previous offending!!

For somebody who actively promotes 'civil disobedience' (or whatever) it's surprising you want the cop to be judge and jury.

driver_smac, Mar 10, 9:55 am

was a copper targeting people who live on jachts . when i went to the jachtingplace later on dokland-5 the copper pulled my van up and inspected my tyres and windscreen whipers. but did not say anything, but i am sure it was him. The lights on the car with greensticker where both smashed from a wrongly attachedtrailer i was told. and i think it had no wof as he had ordered new secoundhand lights to fix and pass the wof later on. greensticker note had a fine for no wof on also that would be waved if its complyed within 14 days or something.
and the note said no driving at night lol

driver_intrade, Mar 10, 9:58 am

read my post mate,it says what it was issued for,not the date.

driver_1fordluva, Mar 10, 11:59 am

Your lucky, how long was you doing wheel spins for. Dam lucky you didn't get the book thrown at you I would of.

driver_johnf_456, Mar 10, 12:05 pm

Man what a nut of a cop.

driver_johnf_456, Mar 10, 12:06 pm

Sorry, guilty of skim reading ;)

driver_smac, Mar 10, 12:06 pm

Yes for having tail lights but morally for whats I guess was some blown bulbs or fuse. There is a difference between a genuine mistake or not known to those who blatant drive over the speed limit all the time and cause accidents. Most cops would just warn or dish a fine at the worst but not green sticker just for that.

Green and pink stickers for extreme cases no minor little things.

driver_johnf_456, Mar 10, 1:34 pm

and your point is!

Yes the law should be obeyed but there is a difference to abusing it as what it was the offense was intended to the actual offense. I.e something like pink slapping a blown tail light.

driver_johnf_456, Mar 10, 1:38 pm

smart ass

driver_johnf_456, Mar 10, 1:43 pm

Including yourself, got a license yet!

driver_johnf_456, Mar 10, 1:47 pm

I am a robot.

driver_jasongroves, Mar 10, 1:52 pm

The wallet with plastic shows to the coppa you have met the requirements and you know how to drive. Well its not the best method it helps weed out the morons who can't drive.

driver_johnf_456, Mar 10, 1:58 pm

build a bridge.biker_69

driver_bigfatmat1, Mar 10, 3:07 pm

Nah we all want to go to aussie so we want a massive bridge over

driver_pollymay, Mar 10, 3:41 pm

Count me out.who the hell would wanna go there.

driver_smac, Mar 10, 3:44 pm

People who get sick of event rain outs here, oh and msnz being pricks. I have a tea set I need to deliver there to so the government should fund it for me cause I'm important. True story

driver_pollymay, Mar 10, 3:46 pm

Heh.sounds like you're in the wrong part of the country, not the wrong country. Oh and from what I hear CAMS is waaaay worse than MSNZ.

driver_smac, Mar 10, 3:51 pm

Eh, I'll do ma hondah an go round vtecing it wif my mates. 2JZ represent.

I've landed up at outlaw tracks now anyway it seems. Got sick of the never ending rule changes, I'd rather not have a dedicated rallycar if it's too much hassle, just go and make a 400hp roadcar. Much safer *swigs tui*

driver_pollymay, Mar 10, 4:04 pm

I'd go there, way better life, more money for the same job, better people, coming from someone who has been their often.

driver_johnf_456, Mar 10, 4:15 pm

So be gone already :P

driver_smac, Mar 10, 4:20 pm

why, whats your problem! I'd still be on here regardless where I am.

driver_johnf_456, Mar 10, 4:22 pm

I'm just a hard person.

driver_johnf_456, Mar 10, 4:30 pm

Not everyone shares your views and opinions. No matter how stupid or pointless they are.

Biker in singaporelol

driver_bigfatmat1, Mar 10, 6:39 pm

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