Dellorto Carbs

mitchsons, Dec 31, 9:04pm
palmside motors hoon hay rd chch

tmenz, Dec 31, 9:14pm
Sounds like a product from 'Only Fools and Horses'.

martin11, Dec 31, 10:52pm
Thanks ordered from the UK Site Was $70.63 incl freight over $94 for the same units ex Palmside Chch

martin11, Dec 31, 1:00am
Where do I get parts from for theses carbs ?

tony9, Dec 31, 2:57am
If you simply put your subject into google you will get a pretty good answer. Adding nz will refine the search a bit.

gsimpson, Dec 31, 5:02am
Try the bay. Seller alfa1750 was good for getting kits. Based in Italy. Prompt service and good price

kwaka5, Dec 31, 6:33am
I get mine straight from uk based dellorto dealer. Just look up dellorto on google and start there

kwaka5, Dec 31, 6:34am

martin11, Aug 10, 9:48am
Thanks to all

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