Isle of Man TT 2014

serf407, Jan 15, 11:43pm
Michael Dunlop signs with Yamaha.

serf407, May 28, 8:45pm

quickbuck, May 28, 10:06pm
Awesome stuff.

hrt, May 28, 11:17pm
And Guy having issues

"Tyco Suzuki??

richynuts, May 29, 12:46am
Dont ya just love the pommy media. McGuinness 2nd fastest. whats wrong with Anstey fastest? Just like motogp all they go on about is friggin Crutchlow ans Scott Redding never see them in the top ten but still continually get mentioned.

desmodave, May 29, 1:03am
Respect for any1 racing there .

esprit, May 29, 1:25am
IS this any different to Kiwi media reporting on the IRL in America, the GP2 or the Aussie V8 supercars? More often than not they won't mention much else other than where the Kiwis placed.

hrt, May 29, 2:36am
We're better off than Aussie at least. If they don't win then it doesn't even make a mention on the news over there.

serf407, Jun 1, 11:57am
Anstey - outright lap record on last lap of SuperBike race -132.298 mph 17.06 (4th place)
Michael Dunlop (BMW), Martin - Suzuki, Cummins - Honda

richard198, Jun 2, 4:41am
Michael Dunlop is the one to watch. Anstey, Cummins, McGuiness & Martin are all contenders. Dunlop rides so fast in the actual races; the other competitors are waiting for him to fall off!
I was there in '86 and watched Joey race. Wish I could be there again!

serf407, Jun 3, 11:58pm
Anstey 2nd by 1.5 seconds in Super Sport Race 1.
Brit on a Triumph -1
M Dunlop -3rd

RIP - rider.

orca123, Jun 5, 2:51am
Tragic day with the Loss of the most amazing rider Karl Bomber Harris -

serf407, Jun 5, 10:08am
Anstey 2nd to JM in the TT Zero bikes. 117 mph average for JM.

quickbuck, Jun 5, 10:11am
Well done. To JM and Bruce. 117 is really quick!

richard198, Jun 5, 10:26am
Dunlop notches up another win in the Superstock! (Anstey & Johnson retired/crashed)

(And McGuinness had a broken wrist! )

"'Yer Maun!" -

richard198, Jun 8, 8:42am
Michael Dunlop wins Senior TT.
Cummins second.
Martin third.
Anstey fourth.

serf407, Aug 7, 5:48pm
NZ Order of Merit for Bruce Anstey. Well deserved.

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