Interior bulb always blowing, is LED the answer?

lookoutas, Jan 1, 7:19am
Don't stuff around - get an LED.

toyboy3, Dec 24, 1:37am
Try a bulb not made in China

m16d, Dec 24, 3:39am
26 bucks is a lot of money to chuck at it when your not sure it's going to work.
Try an ordinary 24 volt one. be a bit dim,but could do the job.

craigsmith, Dec 24, 3:44am
You can try it, but don't waste $ on something like that Philips bulb. Just get a cheapie off eBay for a few $.

Btw that 4000 K color will look a bit cold (white) in an interior, better to get one that is described as "warm" (~3000 K).

lookoutas, Dec 24, 4:20am
I replaced all mine with LED's. Mainly coz there was so bloody many, they could snooker a below par battery in a very short time, and the heat from a normal bulb in the centre dome light tends to make the lens brittle. The LED eliminates this.
Makes a bright interior, almost need shades on!

Have a look in Jay Car.

clark20, Dec 24, 5:00am

pauldw, Dec 24, 10:51am
Are the bulbs blowing filaments or just not working? I've found festoon bulbs tend to fail at the solder joint at the point of the end cap. Checking with a magnifying glass you will see the solder joint has cracked.

sooby, Dec 24, 7:13pm
Cheers guys,

Pauldw the festoons appear to blacken when they blow' any ideas?

bigfatmat1, Dec 24, 7:28pm
Could be overcharging. Check batt voltage car running should be no higher than 14.8

kazbanz, Dec 24, 7:33pm
Sooby why not KISS it first. If the bulb always blows its telling me maybee the wrong wattage is fitted.Id just fit a "bigger" bulb.

cammey, Dec 24, 7:58pm
Like mat said, maybe voltage a bit high. And those long filaments don't like vibration much. But LEDS are good.

Especially if you dont shut the door properly, and the light is on all night.

sooby, Dec 25, 6:50am
As usual I think you're right - just realised I'd taken previously blown bulbs in to use as a guide to replacing, therefore carrying the wattage error over! Will up the wattage next time & see what happens

thewomble1, Dec 25, 8:42am
Fitting a bigger wattage will create more heat which could melt any plastic fittings or lens.
I replaced my inside lights with LED cool white. Nice and bright.
I used ones similar to this bulb . can get different lengths depending on the festoon it replaces. There are cheaper ones around. TradeMe Listing #: 1001498591

tmenz, Dec 25, 9:46am
I once had a problem in a Hiace with the interior festoon bulbs blowing. This fitting used the smaller 10 Watt lamps - only these would fit. The problem turned out to be a faulty (dry) solder joint in the back of the fitting where the wires were attached - the intermittent contact was 'thermally cycling' the filaments multiple times until they finally 'blew'. Resoldering fixed it.
Check that your wiring and contacts are in good condition!

saki, Aug 10, 12:00am
Led festoon solved my problem

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