Hyosung 250

casper35, Jan 18, 6:31am
m/b not charging the battery. Have changed starter relay, battery is only 2 months old. Not to sure where to look next.

tigertim20, Jan 18, 6:42am
what year is it.

Hyosungs have a reputations for destroying charging systems, inlcluding the reg/rec and the stator.

Aftermarket parts are available and more reliable than stock parts - electrosport sell a stator for an ex250 ninja that can be made to fit, and are much more reliable.

casper35, Jan 18, 8:02am

tigertim20, Aug 5, 12:47pm
yeah, there are some easy tests you can do, get the bike running, rev it to 5krpm, and see what voltage you get at the battery - should be around 14v at 5000rpm.

You can also test across the 3 stator wires - unplug it, and test while running i think . . . will tell you what components are stuffed.

Especially with the hyosungs, once they stuff one component - they tend to stuff the whole system - i.e. the reg/reg fails - overcharges the battery and stuffs it, and also destroys the stator.

Do some tests, and if you are going to replace the reg / rec, or the stator, just do both, and add a new battery.

Then sell it.

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