Hampton Downs Ganley Festival

quickbuck, Jan 17, 8:24am
That is so good to hear. I was starting to think the public were bored of motorsport in general. Thankfully it appears not.

twincam1, Jan 17, 8:34am
My son is going in that, $1200 phew.

quickbuck, Jan 17, 8:36am

twincam1, Jan 17, 9:24am
Found this, lot cheaper lol.

socram, Jan 17, 10:07am
Same car.

socram, Jan 14, 7:04am
Largest entry ever and a couple of my favourite BRM F1 cars running.

Spectating this Friday/Saturday; racing next Friday, Saturday, Sunday. See you there? Grab an ERC poster.

Full grid of 46 cars for us (weekend 2) - and now down to just 12 reserves. Handicap races Saturday and Sunday.

quickbuck, Jan 15, 8:33am
Looks like a great event for a driver (and ex F1 Mechanic) who was almost lost in the shadows of his countrymen at the time.

eagles9999, Jan 16, 8:26am
At one stage the gearbox business he was involved in was the ONLY one to use

tigra, Jan 16, 9:21pm
Yes back in the 60's I introduced Howden and Cavan Riley when Cavan was working on my Hewland and they got into business as Racing Gearboxes.

floscey, Jan 16, 9:45pm
My 10year old son is absolutely fizzing .He went yesterday with his grandad and got to sit in the Tony Roberts M10A Mclaren .

socram, Aug 7, 4:02am
That is what it is all about! Great crowd there today(Saturday). By 10am, there were more spectators at the HD track for a Saturday meeting than I have ever seen before. Certainly way more than any 'modern's' meeting including Super Tourers and any Tier 1 classes.

Love the whole atmosphere of this annual meeting. Always so friendly - especially the overseas drivers who are having a ball.

Two F1 BRMs and a Ferrari were impressive - but the lucky passengers in the Arrows 3 seater F1 car must have had a real blast, as he wasn't hanging about!

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