Chrysler 300c

edangus, Dec 31, 9:48pm
I hear your point. But for a true measure, drive FPV, then an HSV then the SRT8 lets say for a week at a time. They really are all quite different. Its a bit like a 7 Series E38 BMW, it feels like a better Falcon or Commie. So does the SRT8. The Standard versions don't hold up at all when comparing to the Aussie Pack.
The look of it is either love it or hate it. Plenty of drug dealers out there driving HSVs FPVs Mercs and BMWs.
That E Class Chassis really does the 300c Justice.

nutman31, Dec 30, 7:36am
Thoughts please looking at getting a 2013 v6,

edangus, Dec 30, 7:39am
Get the SRT8.

nutman31, Dec 30, 7:43am
That's what hubby wants but heard they are really hungry, what makes you think the STR8 ?

edangus, Dec 30, 8:39am
Hmm, well, after owning one for about 3 years, I really miss her. Fantastic Vehicle.
When comparing to the set up and extras in the V6 or the 5.7 V8 there is only 1 winner. SRT8 has everything - better handling, better brakes, better seats etc. etc.

vtecintegra, Dec 30, 8:56am
Personally I'd rather go for a Falcon or Commodore for that type of car - much better interiors and they don't have that driving around in a pillbox feel that the 300c gives you (high beltlines and tiny windows)

gman35, Dec 30, 11:25am
From my point of view (someone who likes to partake in the old fashioned "You are what you drive" discussion, which is why I read so many Jeremy Clarkson articles), there is something about them that makes me think either a) that person is trying to look like the sort of person who they really are not, or b) that person IS the sort of person you would rather not (be around).
That does not affect the lower-model Falc. or Comm. owner (who is seen as a normal person that really needs that larger vehicle), I also don't see them as "settling for the basic model", unlike a v6 300C owner who just can't afford to buy/run an SRT version.

gman35, Dec 30, 11:30am
Oooops, just seen that post #3 is from you also , he may be "that person" !
Just joking, it's good to see any buyer looking out from just the mainstream market either way, a boring world otherwise.

patiki1, Dec 31, 6:00am
My brother had one too.Like he said plus good power.

bwg11, Dec 31, 6:20am
There is no reason to buy one because of its exceptional design, power, handling, space, or economy so I guess they are bought for image. Just yesterday had to brake heavily for one which failed to give way. Oversize mags, tinted windows. Looks like the local pimp or drug dealer - I certainly would not give him the finger he deserved. If this is the image you wish to portray, go for it.

elect70, Aug 10, 1:53pm
# 1 thats the Claytons version , get the STR8 in black & others will think your a gangsta & get out of your way .

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