Can some 1 tell me

nixon222, Jan 16, 11:13pm
i have a HONDA lol 1 cv is buggerd maybe both of them.will that cause steering wheel 2 shake most the time!cheers

bigjerry, Jan 16, 11:15pm
not really, it shoukld just click on cornering, i guess if its well buggered a shimmy may happen

nixon222, Jan 16, 11:17pm
wat would cause steerring 2 shake some of time!

lyonruge, Jan 16, 11:22pm

pandai, Jan 16, 11:22pm
Out of balance wheel is a possibility (but not an absolute answer)

pieman33h, Jan 17, 3:37am
check for delaminating tyre, that will cause it

btb2, Jan 17, 4:43am
it could be the inner c.v joint (c.v at the gear box) circlip missing!

gtrmotorsport, Jan 17, 4:49am
for some reason i have come across alot of CD5 accords that bend their right driveshaft not major but you can see it when its run up. this causes a shake in the steering wheel and a small pulse in the brake pedal.

laneyjan, Jan 17, 6:06am
yes btb2 I have heard it from good source .A grade mechanic,that it will be inner cv joint on those.but boy hard to hard he was tickled pink when someone told him and he told me.

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