What would be wrong with this!!

peasgood, Jan 17, 5:14am
Fiat Stilo,listing 343990453 ,they have good crash rating ,why so cheep!.

phillip.weston, Jan 17, 5:31am
cue thejazzpianoma to give you a novel.

it looks fairly scruffy inside, I can see what looks to be dirt stains and cobwebs. It's similarily priced from other early 2000's hatchbacks.

msigg, Jan 17, 6:06am
Looks like a good little car, buy it if you like it. There will be nothing wrong with it , but the little fiats are cheaper than say a corolla because the toyota is a more popular brand. You pay for name. resale never as good as popular brands. Many in that market would probably like an automatic. good luck.

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