Diff ratio

360vg, Jan 16, 11:29pm
hey i have a 4wd ln106 hilux looking to putin a lsd in the rear wots the easyest way to work out wot ratio i need

bigjerry, Jan 16, 11:33pm
only you will know, do you want to cruize! 4wd! drag race! the possibilities are endless.

360vg, Jan 16, 11:36pm
um not to worried jst wantin the same as alreadythere so it matchs the front

360vg, Jan 16, 11:48pm
also can anyone tell me if the rear and front diff heads r the same

bill-robinson, Jan 17, 12:00am
why not put an LSD inside your existing Crown wheel.I do not know if it is possible but it must be the easiest option. Bill

jsbike, Jan 17, 1:08am
pull the diff out and count the teeth.

falcon15, Jan 17, 2:16am
there will be a axle code on the chassie plate it will start with g then have 3 numbers after that. you can find out the ratio from that. yes front and rear diff heads are interchangable but only if your hilux has a solid front diff instead of indepedent front suspension

petermcg, Jan 17, 4:26am
Jack the vehicle up and mark to opposite wheels with chalk at the bottom,,, then mark the drive shaft with chalk so you can count how many turns there is. Some one lay under the car,, to count the no of turns the drive shaft does, Get two of your mates, or your wife and your girl friend to turn both side wheels at the same time in the same direction for one full turn till the chalk is at the bottom. If your drive shaft turns 4.5 times then you have a 4.5 to 1 diff ratio.

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