How to remove tow ball!

welshdude, Jan 15, 5:01am
Got to work with my big spanner. Looking up from underneath I am trying to turn the nut anti-clockwise. First nothing happened, then the whole ball has started to turn. Any suggestions! It is not rusted - is only 3-4 years old and gleaming.

feris04, Jan 15, 5:03am
pipe wrench on the ball!

andrea_w, Jan 15, 5:03am
Stop the ball from turning, then undo the nut.

rob_man, Jan 15, 5:06am
Stilsons are the weapon of choice there.

toycon, Jan 15, 5:17am
If ya looking up from underneath, exactlly where have you inserted the tow ball.
Perhaps a trip to A&E is in order.

peacebird15, Jan 15, 8:14am
Pipe wrench works wonders.

m16d, Jan 15, 8:50am
So why would you want to take it off.!

welshdude, Jan 15, 10:43am
Because we keep bruising our shins on the bar while getting stuff out of the boot. I have bought a rubberised shin protector from Repco which requires the ball to be reinstalled through it.

farmboy11, Jan 15, 7:12pm

rod525, Jan 15, 7:34pm
3/4 rattle gun.

midosa, Jan 15, 7:52pm
crc, leave for awhile, pipe wrench.

welshdude, Jan 16, 6:34am
The paint work doesn't seem to mind. The family's shins do!

mrfxit, Jan 16, 7:44am
LOL . YEP +1^

mrfxit, Jan 16, 7:46am
Some folks sometimes need that little more help with certain daily jobs

matthew111, Jan 16, 7:51am
saw it off

mk3zephyr, Jan 16, 8:17am
gas axe will fix it lol

icemans1, Jan 16, 8:28am
tow bars are good - does more damage to the morons car behind you

iginoi, Jan 16, 8:32am
+1 Yep a big rattle gun should be able to 'shock' it off

mrfxit, Jan 16, 9:20am
Fitted to everything I drive.
Was a costly mistake when the step daughter tapped the back end of a car with a towbar.
Hardly marked the front car but buggered the bumper/grill/ bottom rad supports on her car

skin1235, Jan 16, 9:26am
get 2 fbh's, hold one against one flat of the nut and smack the other against the opposite flat, move onto the next flats
give then a good smack and for gods sake don't miss and hit what there is of the stud protruding through the nut, it will come off quite easy once you've shocked the rust on the threads inside the nut inot letting go
and don't ask what a fbh is, surely it relates to a f'kn big 'ammer

welshdude, Jan 17, 3:12am
Whole family is clumsy - as are several visitors!

craig04, Jan 17, 3:14am
No idea. I did know a girl once who could suck the chrome off a towball if that helps.

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