Please help

tatdeefar1, Jan 17, 1:51am
Ok so just went to start my car as it has been sitting in the garage most of the holidays. And it didn't start, would barely even turn over! Any suggestions on what to do! Does it need a jump! If so how do you move an automatic!

berg, Jan 17, 1:52am
Yep jump start. Put it in neutral and push out. You cannot tow start an auto but you can push it around

tatdeefar1, Jan 17, 1:54am
Will the gear stick move to put it in neutral without the car being turned on!

berg, Jan 17, 1:56am
Depends on the car. Put your foot on the brake and try it. If that dosn't work somewhere in the centre console should be a slot that take the key to unlock the auto shifter

tatdeefar1, Jan 17, 1:57am
Ok thank you will have to wait for hubby to get home as I can't push and stear lol Thanks heaps

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