Pop up Campers

yendor, Jan 16, 7:04am
Had a look at a pop up Scamper Camper the other day, it had 10 inch tires on it. It was made around 1978, my question is how would a small tire of this size handle 100k motorway speeds!. I am guessing it is on Mini rims, it there an easy swap to say 12 inch!

msigg, Jan 16, 7:26am
Its because they are soo light that it can handle it. A mini can go faster than that with no problem with its wheels, so don't worry .

rob_man, Jan 16, 7:32am
I had a Topagee years ago with small wheels like that and it didn't have any problems at all. It went all sorts of places, across the Murapara to Wairoa Rd through the Urewera, down the Whanganui River Rd from Pipiriki, all over the Nth Island.
The only reason we sold it was because we got a boat and couldn't tow both.

h.e, Jan 16, 7:39am
swapping to 12inch could open a can of worms like inner guard clearance the springhangers may have to be cut off and packers put in as the distance from the top of the wheel to the top of the guard is less but the spring travel is the same.your caravan will sit higher have the levelling legs got the travel to still work.its worked fine since
1978 best bet is to leave it alone

rob_man, Jan 16, 7:56am
We used to load ours to the hilt so it was quite heavy sometimes. Never had an issue.

bitsy_boffin, Jan 16, 8:21am
Doesn't matter, the speed limit is 90 when towing, and the police's leeway is only 5k/hr for people towing.

zephyrheaven, Jan 16, 8:37am
We had a Scamper for a while on 8" rims, looked funny behind the 33" tyres on the cruiser lol - went very well. Have upgraded to a topagee now with 10" ones, will look at raising camper & adding meatier tyres sometime

franc123, Jan 16, 8:46am
As long as the tyres and rims are in A1 condition as they should be there won't be any problems.The biggest killers of caravan tyres generally are sitting excessively in the one position for too long, UV perishing, dodgy old inner tubes that blow at random and corrosion around the tyre beads.The size is adequate for the size of trailer it is.

rjgmjs, Jan 16, 9:29am
We had a Campomatic years ago with those 10" rims, from memory the tyres never got any hotter than the car tyres got. A "tent on wheels", lotsa fun, go for it, enjoy.

whqqsh, Jan 16, 10:21am
we've got one (a Mini Mobile Camper) on 8" wheels & it tows fine, sometimes forget its there, especially on the back of a Commodore or Falcon

yendor, Jan 16, 10:10pm
Okay, that has put my mind at ease. Thanks for the help.

brokebloke1, Jan 17, 12:06am
I had one of those campers about 3-4 yrs back and im sure we put 12" wheels from a Austin 1100 ( landcrab) had no problems with wheel rubbin

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