Diamante shudders before downshifting.

nevndeb, Jan 19, 9:24am
Why! I saw 'torque converter shudder' in another thread where GDI Mitsi's were being discussed. Is that where my problem is!
BTW, I have had 2 years running out of my $200 Diamante and that is really the only strife I've had.

andy61, Jan 19, 9:36am
My car(not a Diamante) had a shudder,I had the auto flushed and fluid changed,the shudder has gone,could be worth trying,but then it is a Mitsi and the auto could be on its last legs.

franc123, Jan 19, 10:35am
Those things are pretty sensitive to not only fluid condition but fluid type, without knowing what specific model yours is it could use the TQ style fluid instead of the normal Dexron 2 or 3 spec one, the TQ is also used in Honda and the 4 speed autos fitted to Falcons, among others.If it concerns you, get it changed.

mechnificent, Jan 9, 3:40pm
You should get it diagnosed before trying things that may make no difference.
You don't really tell us enough to diagnose it here. It could be that it misfires, causing the shudder, then the trans changes down due to the lack of power. ie, it could be a tune problem, it could also be axle/cv play, or it could be the transmission, or even the engine control computer playing up.

To figure what it is you need to be much more specific about the conditions under which it occurs, the exact sequence of events, what the shudder is like(frequency and amplitude), whether it always does it or whether it is intermittent, whether it is worse on certain road conditions etc.

If you can't gather all those details then any answer on here is going to be a guess that could well end up wasting your money.

You could take it to a mechanic and ask for a diagnosis, then attempt the repair yourself with the help of people on here.

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