Nutcracker in a spray can used on rusty nuts

dazza318, Jan 19, 9:27am
I have heard from a guy i know you can get a product called nutcracker in a spray can,which can be sprayed on to a rusty bolt or nut abit like C.R.C but works in about 15mins bolt or nut can be freely undone,does any one know where i can buy this product from.

bigjerry, Jan 19, 9:39am
Yes i do and the stuff is farking brilliant. You use mere drops of the stuff and it does what the name suggests. I know of the distributor round my way but where are you!

paull, Jan 19, 9:40am
great for unseizing engines aswell,

cypherboy, Jan 19, 9:46am

elvis58, Jan 19, 9:59am
I use it a lot and have recommended it here in the past,it penetrates rust and free's things up a treat. I wasn't aware that it came in a spray though, bought 4 litres last time which was around $50, they make other great products too.

bigjerry, Jan 19, 10:24am
get the powerup man to give you a demo on his bearing machine, its quite unreal. that reminds me, i've run out.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 19, 10:37pm
Any product represented by someone with a vocabulary that includes "malodorous" has got to be good.

BTW, I used powerup in the transmission of a car I couldn't afford to fix when I was a teenager. It actually helped things quite a lot.

Not a fan of wonder potions in the engine oil though. Keen to try the "Nutcracker" myself.

dazza318, Jan 20, 4:50am
Thanks for that infor,I just checked site.

dazza318, Jan 20, 4:52am
thanks for your answer product is avaliable to spray thru a trigger bottle and not in a spray can just checked into it.

dazza318, Jan 20, 5:00am
I see on the Power Up site they have a distributor that has Nutcracker in Plimmerton,Wellington just over the hill from where i live in Lower Hutt cheers.

taipan4, Jan 10, 11:12pm
If your nuts are rusty probably best to talk to your doctor LOL

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