Colloidal graphite (wanted)

shane038, Jan 20, 12:38am
Hi guys when I was young my dad used stuff called colloidal graphite in engine oil, It was in a liquid form and was as black as the ace of spades, it was also sometimes called running in oil.
Does anyone know where or if I might be able to get some!

nathanmac, Jan 20, 1:58am
Sorry can't help with that, but I stumbled upon the old tin of graphite flake in my dad's old garage just last week - awesome stuff - i used to play with it when I was a kid.Feels slimy like liquid to touch but is solid.

shane038, Jan 20, 2:03am
yeah dad used it in the racecars engine oil and never lost a bottom end im going racing and want some!

elect70, Jan 20, 3:09am
Castrol used to make a "running in " oil . seems to be a thing of the past likelapping rigs , scraping big ends , valve grinding etc

saki, Jan 20, 4:15am
we all have to get in the 21st century at some stage there are some good copetition oils out there. putting that other treakle in a modern engine will proably screw it.

the_chooky, Jan 20, 4:15am
Yea. I remember that graphite stuff. Used to run it in the BSA back in 62.
But there are modern oil additives now like motorup and that other one you get from Repco.

saki, Jan 10, 1:19pm
Your CG is actually made to coat the inside of electron valves, just graphite flakes mixed in oil caster oil or even water, not a good look filter will take out the flakes and water or caster mixed in with a lubricant sorry for the engine.

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