Changing belts.

bjdw, Jan 20, 4:27am
On the power steering pump, I've loosen off the bolts on the adjustment part with the slide bracket, but it still won't move. Do I need to loosen off the big bolt that it swivels on too!It is very difficult to get at (for and amatuer anyway).Thanks.

mike844, Jan 20, 4:31am
don't forget getting a new water pump mine broke just after changing the belts ended up breaking the gasket also get the belts adjusted when they wear in

tmenz, Jan 20, 4:43am
What make and model!
Probably yes!

bjdw, Jan 20, 5:34am
Got it. Didn't even lose to much skin.

kazbanz, Jan 11, 6:48am
Um you would be one pretty muscly fulla if ya can move it without loosening thae bolt

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