A new scam!

kazbanz, Jan 20, 7:44am
An e mail recently seen.
No phone number,no name just an e mail address.
My freind bought a car from you.I took it to a mechanic and he says its had it.What are you prepared to contribute to fixing it!

Hmm would anyone fall for it!

friendly_prawn, Jan 20, 7:53am
scams are usually obvious as hell. Can usually spot them a mile away.

considering your a car dealer, that email seems to coincidental.

I'm guessing its probably genuine.

Still, regardless of whether it was or not, since the sender hasnt the balls to sign it or at least put a phone number, I would just delete it anyway.

If they are serious about contacting you, there's nothing to stop them picking up the phone or at the very least, outlining the issues and who the car buyer is, in the email they sent.

Personally, I wouldnt even waste my time replying to it. Hit delete.

illusion_, Jan 20, 7:55am
No phone number,no name just an e mail address. From "a friend"

yup . like FP said

01trader011, Jan 11, 5:10pm

i got contacted by adam john all sellers be very aware this is a bad scam

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