01trader011, Jan 20, 8:14am
a scam artist is operating on trade me i was contacted this morning about my car i went and did some research becoz it sounded unbelivable please see the following 3 news story

carmedic, Jan 20, 8:30am
Old as the hills.
Do people really fall for such an obvious scam!
A fool and his money I guess??

zephyrheaven, Jan 20, 8:52am
Ive still got my nigerian check for dads Mercedes - weird thing was, I was supposed to meet a guy at the port here to deliver the car! Um - probably would have gone pearshaped pretty fast when the cheque hadnt cleared, they even insisted I bank the cheque before delivering the car - guess they didnt work that out till a few beatings later lol

rayzor14, Jan 12, 11:14am
There was a scam running about 8 or 9 years ago using overseas cheques. At the time I think I remember they were US cheques.
People would bank them, wait for a couple of weeks for them to be cleared - and they would clear.
It would be two or three MONTHS later when it was discovered that they were fraudulent that the deposit would be reversed.

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