gilligan2, Jan 20, 9:26am
Has anyone down here got a set of mini screwdrivers i could borrow! Trying to fix my phone but the set at home has been misplaced.

jasongroves, Jan 20, 9:30am
Use a steak knife;)
Or try the $2 shop.

gilligan2, Jan 20, 9:35am
Yeah theyre not open. lol. The steak knife is too fat to get into the small hole that the screw sits in.

nathanmac, Jan 20, 10:03am
when someone in this house who shall remain nameless put her phone through the wash while on holiday I just used the steak knife trick - it was sharp enough to make the hole bigger to get further down too - when you're hosed off enough, rough as guts is perfectly acceptable.

scoobeey, Jan 20, 8:20pm
dick smith 3 buk a pack :)

thejazzpianoma, Jan 20, 9:34pm
+1 Also the warehouse have them similar price.

nathanmac, Jan 20, 11:54pm
lol no i wish.spent about an hour trawling through the holiday house we rented looking for something - anything - small enough to do the top it all off the phone was puckeroo-ed anyway.

got that truck rolling yet!

gilligan2, 6 days, 6 hours
Went to dick smiths and got me a 3 dollar kit. thanks for the tip

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