Class 2 HT licence.

fox.vanilla, Jan 20, 8:26pm
How long does it take to get and how much does it cost! Oh and stupid question, do you have to have your own truck! :p

I have a full Class 1 licence which I've held for a number of years.

52ford, Jan 20, 8:33pm
it cost me $700 for a one day course.i used there truck.

fox.vanilla, Jan 20, 8:36pm
Wow that's more expensive than I thought but 1 day! Far out that's fast.

franko171, Jan 20, 8:42pm
just cause u have a licence dosnt meam u no how to drive.

rover79, Jan 20, 8:43pm
Is that price to pay for your class 4 aswell because I went for mine a couple of years ago and think it cost me 350 odd.

im_andrew, Jan 20, 8:54pm

You get experience after you get your license. Its pretty difficult to get experience without a license

hamishcookie, Jan 20, 8:56pm
Don't know cost as boss at the time paid for it and my DG, but i started on the Monday, did my licence Tuesday had my class 2 Wednesday morning (had done my medical before I handed my notice in at my old job) Did my DG course the next weekend and was all setup the following Monday, it doesn't take long.

fox.vanilla, Jan 20, 10:37pm
I guess the same can be said for a keyboard. Just because you have one it doesn't mean you know how to type. :)

falcon15, Jan 20, 11:34pm
you can get it the normal way by going down and sitting the class 2 learners then after 6 months or how ever long you have to wait you can sit your full licence test just like a class 1 but you will need to supply the truck and normal licence fess apply. Or you can go on a 1 day course which costs a few hundred dollars and at the end of the day you get your full licence

lookoutas, Jan 21, 4:50am
Thank Christ for age.
Paid 5/8 of FA.

ebzn3ys, 4 days, 18 hours
can you do this without going through your learners. do you just get your full straight away!

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