Could a GA14DS be replaced with a GA16DE.

bjdw, Jan 21, 2:44am
without having to do anything major to mounting points!Could the 5 speed manual gearbox in the car be used with the new engine or would I need to change that to!Would changing from carby to EFI be a big problem with computers and electronics or is that all part of the engine!Approxiamately how long would it take a good mechanic to do it!Thanks.

jasongroves, Jan 21, 3:23am
Actual mounting points for engine and box shouldn't be too much of an issue.
It is quite a hassle changing from carb to EFI to be honest.
Will probably need an auto sparky as well as a mechanic to do the whole swap, plus you will need to get it certed.
If you aren't able to do any of the work yourself then its going to cost quite a bit.
To make things slightly easier, you could always convert the GA16 to carby.

bjdw, Jan 21, 3:31am
Sounds like my labour budget of four or five hundy ain't gonna come close then.Nevermind, I'll leave it alone.

panicky, Jan 21, 8:57am
gearbox different and clutch / flywheel also different

mrfxit, 5 days, 2 hours
Presuming I have the CC ratings correct . You could be in for even more $$$ then already mentioned.

Cert for the bigger CC engine . for a start then possibly brakes & brake hose upgrades

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