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mk3zephyr, Jan 20, 9:19pm
343934001, why would you do it!

flitt, Jan 20, 9:22pm
I don't know.

ema1, Jan 20, 9:24pm
No registration .No Wof, nor is it likely to get them in that state.
I've seen better in rubbish dumps.

bigjerry, Jan 20, 9:24pm
i dont know either but i am jealous. Not because i want anything like that, but because, having a project of my own, i wish i had the kind of time and money that has obviously gone into this thing.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 20, 9:33pm
If only he used his powers for good of humanity.

I do like the numberplate though.

sifty, Jan 20, 9:37pm
oh there's no accounting for taste (or lack therof).

but a better question is 'why would you buy it!'

smac, Jan 20, 9:40pm
The thought of running a high power engine on a bagged vehicle gives me the shits.

ema1, Jan 20, 9:43pm
Just the appearance of someones "dream" gone wrong like that has does the same thing to me and seeing something like that on the road or even being a passenger in that thing would give me the shits too smac!
In fact I'd refuse to even get in it.

trogedon, Jan 20, 10:25pm
Cool engine & g/box.the rest."I'm with you fellas" (from Oh brother where art thou)

craig04, Jan 20, 10:33pm
What an absolutely pointless vehicle.

1fordluva, Jan 20, 10:34pm
In looking at it,he has done alot of tireless work.
Its not my thing but can see why he has used that engine.
Left in a standard state to look at,this thing would be a wicked sleeper.
I would by this over that 60k hot rod in another thread.
I am and have always loved 8,s,but know a good sleeper when I see one too.

illusion_, Jan 20, 10:55pm
A lot of good stuff there. Unfortunately all of it is in the wrong place.

woki, Jan 20, 11:14pm
Cos hot rodding and custom cars are all about individuality and freedom to express .

kiwigal, Jan 20, 11:23pm
I like it,it's better than a Ute that has been droped on airbags.

I can see something like that IF had normal shocks/springs in it,being rather useable.

Alot of work has gone into it.price is rather high but then you have no idea what he has been smoking. he he.

falcon15, Jan 20, 11:27pm
The guy that built that used to work at nz performance car magazine years ago. Each month they had a few pages in the book of the progress of the build along with a 180sx and a ae86 that other workers were building. That was atleast 5 years ago and when he left he must have stoped building it because they replaced it with a s14 project

jason18, Jan 21, 12:37am
Thats had a lot of hard work put into it. And the chassis is bloody well done

ontwowheels, Jan 21, 12:46am
and at least he has his own ideas, not just another custom car that has been done 100's of times before to the same recipe. whilst personally i dont like it I love that it is something different, and a lot of hard work, sweat and no doubt tears has gone into this so far

petemun, Jan 21, 12:52am
to be different. good on him

cypherboy, Jan 21, 12:58am
Todd works for the NZ V8 magazine now.

wrong2, Jan 21, 1:53am
even in that state , its better than any hot rod ever created

^ see what i did there

jsbike, Jan 21, 2:47am
I 2nd that. even if its pointless/dumb/ugly, at least he wasnt out late at night causing trouble like lots of other young guys.

bjdw, Jan 21, 2:48am
FLRRNR! Call me a dumbass, but I don't get it.

jason18, Jan 21, 3:14am
floor runner

statesman001, Jan 21, 3:33am
After all that work done to it it begs the question why its for sale now.or has the "vision" been lost!

siobhan41, Jan 21, 3:47am

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