Sometimes a cut and polish

demons, Dec 6, 3:25am
shite thats quite a differance.

tigertim20, Dec 6, 3:32am
what products/process etc did you use!

geedubu, Dec 6, 3:47am
No question, I used old aj at glossmaster, gave it heaps on my boat & probably cost quarter or less than repaint (no relation!)

fordcrzy, Dec 6, 5:50am
amazing what "clay bar" can do

skin1235, Dec 6, 5:55am
looks like that new shed shudda been about twice the size too
kudo's for the cut and polish

rob_man, Dec 6, 6:11am
Just the basics, Stratos compound and a generic foam buff on a Rupes polisher.

rob_man, Dec 6, 6:14am
Well. the boat's taking up the other end. I'll move it out the minute I need that space. The cut & polish is pretty much all in a days work, it just happens to be one of those examples of a paint job which has faded on the surface and cuts really easy. It could almost be used in an ad.

trogedon, Dec 7, 4:28am
You do good work.

rob_man, Dec 7, 5:03am
I try.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 7, 5:16am
Nice work!
Something so satisfying about a good machine cut/polish.

mellisa2000, Dec 7, 10:00am
Why would you put a dull paint over all that gloss!

horsepower7, Dec 7, 10:03am
red and yellow cars fade real bad so when you cut them they can turn out mint. its hard work but worth it.

paulap, May 14, 4:18am
I would so love to get my black car looking glossy like that. Think the kids will do it! lol