Want to ship over impala.

oh1mofo, Dec 6, 9:56am
want to buy an impala from usa shipped to nz.does anyone know import regulations and compliance rules! and cost!

crzyhrse, Dec 6, 10:06am
Yes, someone does. It might help if you mention the year.

oh1mofo, Dec 6, 10:30am

shorty11, Dec 6, 10:50am
.peice of cake.justget hold of a shipper.their are several good ones.depends where vehicleis in states.most shipping operate from long beach.also yu should get vehicle checkedfor rust.ive imported a fair few cars last 3 - 4 years.plenty of kiwi boys over there that check cars for customers,and work in conjunction with youre shipper.ring 09 275 6878. ask for paul stichbury.he will give yu best advise,,

marte, Dec 7, 3:20am
Whats it cost to import one!

drainpipe, Dec 7, 3:52am
i paid to have one checked out over there, was worth the money, cars are never as tidy as you hope they are. i ended up buying a really nice one locally, was worth paying a little bit more to not have the hassle importing one, and being able to see it in the flesh

shorty11, Dec 7, 6:12am
yu pay for yu vehicle.usa bucks.then yu shipping.round 2300 nz.then yu got port service charge.maf inspection.few smaller costs.and gst.yu initial purchase price.really detemines costs.yu got to buy right,.

bjdw, Dec 7, 6:16am
I had a guy tell me that when he went to get his imported usa car cert'd they sand blasted random spots on the car to make sure there wasn't bog under the paint.Mo Fo's

sandypheet, Dec 7, 8:21am
All the info you need is on the LTNZs site.

mariska67, Dec 7, 8:57am
got one arriving xmas or boxing day , 3550 nz$ and thats loading charges stateside and all fees here. We pay GST on the bill of sale for the car , e.g 15% of 10,000 USD which is converted to NZD at arrival timeso it depends on exchange rate.

stealthbida, Dec 7, 9:02am
try jennercargo.co.nz,
kiwishipping.co.nz (speak to steve curle)
check out the petrol head magazine!

bitsy_boffin, Dec 7, 9:07am
Remember GST is also due on the shipping costs.

neville48, Dec 7, 9:08am
Kiwi shippings Steve Curle is really onto it finding and shipping. $2300.00US for shipping and loading, clearance etc stateside, then all maf stuff and gst here. my last car was 4500US bux was about $1500.00NZ this side plus US shipping costs as stated before. That included GST.that was with the US$ at 74.6c/NZ$. Make sure you look in ENZED first because there are some bargains to be had here at the mo, dont be shy to make yur offer either.

fordkiwi27, May 13, 5:56pm
paducahmotorco dot comdanny will point you in the right way.