Ive seen lots of engines blow but

kellrae, Dec 7, 1:52am

mrfxit, Dec 7, 2:10am
yep seen that last year.
WAS . a brand new reco engine

paull, Dec 7, 2:40am
haha i love it,,,,,

tmenz, Dec 7, 3:12am
Wow - that's impressive - whole bottom end still there - top end gone - they just don't make 'em like they used to!

snowballs4, Dec 7, 9:53am

ginga4lyfe, Dec 7, 10:10am
I guess that block was a splittype, and the bolts obviously wernt upto the job. or TOO MUCH BOOOSSSSTt

supernova2, May 13, 6:42pm
Is a split type now but if you look you can see the broken castings so Im guessing it just shattered along a weak point in the casting.