What has happened when breaks go hard

krames, Dec 7, 4:20am
and they still work the same but there is mimimal travel in them!

mrfxit, Dec 7, 4:28am
No booster

andy61, Dec 7, 4:36am
Dont you hate it when your brakes break

mugenb20b, Dec 7, 4:51am
Brakes break or breaks brake!

morrisjvan, Dec 7, 4:53am
release the handbrake!

rob_man, Dec 7, 5:04am
Tough break.

crzyhrse, Dec 7, 5:05am
Lack of vacuum on the booster.

roadkill3, Dec 7, 7:11am
wife has same problem as your car,

krames, Dec 7, 7:23am
does that mean the diafram has perished or a vaccumn hose has come off or something!

a18a, Dec 7, 7:24am

mellisa2000, Dec 7, 9:26am
You mean lack of Vacuum.

skin1235, Dec 7, 9:41am
seems to endemic that

owene, Dec 7, 9:53am
Get her to pull her knickers back on and they'll work again.

pge, Dec 7, 10:08pm
THAT usually means, the patter of little feet.

krames, Dec 10, 10:00am
you guys are funny,9 or so posts taking the piss,a couple of ideas.ha ha

marte, Dec 11, 1:37am
If it happens after or during a lot of hard braking, like a long downhill section.
Theres water in the brake fluid.
The waters boiled & is now pressurizing the system.
Get it changed as soon as possible, good reason for changing the brake fluid.

Theres gonna be somebody who dosen't agree with me though.

Like poster # 17.

mortluby, Dec 11, 1:47am
I'll disagree with that. Liquid doesn't compress, gas does. When water is in the brake fluid, under heavy loads it boils and turns into a gas. That gas can then be compressed meaning that the breaking effort is going into compressing the gas as well as the pads.hence longer pedal travel eventually ending up with the pedal hitting it's stops while car continues going.

careyw, May 24, 4:51pm
had that with mine and eventually locked on till they cooled then would lock on agin when hot. master cylinder was stuffed. dickhead before me put in oil instead of trans fluid luckily didnt get to the abs but still rooted cylinder. so have no doubt its different but very well could be fault in master cylinder