Help for a female!

familygirl, Dec 7, 7:18am
Hi all I'm looking at two seven seater suv's - Holden captiva and ford territory. Would like help in regards to which vehicle may be better. Many thanks for any help

morrisman1, Dec 7, 7:20am
what do you specifically require out of your vehicle!

fordcrzy, Dec 7, 7:20am
any particular reason you want a 7 seat SUV! do you tow stuff!

familygirl, Dec 7, 7:26am
We have four kids and need to tow a boat - hence looking at those two vehicles :)

gunhand, Dec 7, 7:26am
Drive both and choose the one you like best. Although Ihave heard territorys have the odd problem or two but so do many makes and models.
And as far as I am awhere you do not have to justify your purchase to anyone.

morrisman1, Dec 7, 7:27am
Are you purchasing new or second hand!

44.magnum, Dec 7, 7:28am
check the car market chances are the holden will have more room in side and hold its value better. take each one for a test drive and flog the snot out of them and see how safe each vehicle makes you feel. i personally have a toyota prado 8 seatter and love it thats because it suits my needs and i did my home work. ring the wreakers see what they say.

vtecintegra, Dec 7, 7:29am
The Territory is a far better vehicle IMO. Definitely not perfect though, they're very thirsty and build quality is poor (mostly superficial stuff though)

I wouldn't bother with the Captiva - no real redeeming features

chickeee, Dec 7, 7:30am
we brought a captiva three days ago and i love it, we have four kids and hubby cant wait to tow something with it, such a boy! it is really nice to drive, and doesnt have to much body roll infact it is way better then i expected when it comes to handing, comfort and fuel it love it love it.only thing i would ask for is a little more boot space.

familygirl, Dec 7, 7:37am
Thanks so much, appreciate all the help :)

mellisa2000, May 13, 4:53pm