Socram ! How rare ! 430674759

modie61, Dec 8, 3:35am
Nice shape.

bitsy_boffin, Dec 8, 3:51am
200 produced according to Wikipedia

whqqsh, Dec 8, 3:52am
I reckon that rocks, shame Ive bought the Goliath or Id be in like a shot. wonder if its got reverse being a bike engine & if so how did they do it, if not would it get legal!

bitsy_boffin, Dec 8, 3:56am
Don't need reverse to be legal (edit to add, that some of those old bike powered micro cars, like the Bonds, you actually stop the engine, and start it up again running backwards for reverse).

Carjam says it's registered, on hold.

I couldn't let that $1000 start bid lay untaken ;-)

Interestingly, wikipedia says
"In the late 1980s in New Zealand a few cars called the 'Ibis Berkeley' were made that paid homage to the Berkeley but using Mini front and rear subframes and a fibreglass monocoque 6 inches wider. This later became the WASP looking more like a scaled down Cobra."

rsr72, Dec 8, 4:02am
#1- There were two or three of them being driven around Auckland in the 60's, put-putting along in a trail of smoke, like a sporty Trabant.
Would be fun with a modern Jap motor.

whqqsh, Dec 8, 4:06am
Strange because I was talking to a guy who repowered a Bambina with a bike engine & reckoned he couldnt get it legal due to no reverse & authorities stated might be needed to get out of the way or in case of emergencies etc. spose as with most things legal, its who you know not what you know. Ive seen some shocking engineering on cars with cert plates then other guys getting stung hard on real minor shit or at times nothing at all.

rob_man, Dec 8, 4:27am
It is possible to fit an electric reverse. Is that car front wheel drive!

bitsy_boffin, Dec 8, 4:32am
I guess that could be the case for new-build vehicles.I've heard of starter motors being rigged as electric reverse drives (. I have a feeling that one of the Mad Geordie's creations does.!v=_i2iVkIl2QA ).

twink19, Dec 8, 4:41am
could be done, star cars use a started motor to give a reverse

neville48, Dec 10, 12:45am
That car just proves beyond a doubt that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

gedo1, May 23, 12:15am
Friend used to have a Berkeley years ago but "powered" by a 2 stroke motor.Parallel parking was easy - just drove front of car in to park space, got out and lifted back of car into line. Dead Simple!Mind you passenger had to get out and walk alongside at any decent hill!