Ducati paso

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40wav, Dec 8, 7:43am
Ask yourself. There are only 50 worldwide and he only wants 3 grand! Whats with that! Although.a Duke for under 3 grand.might be worth grabbing. Horrible in white though, but you can fix that.

desmodave, Dec 8, 7:54am
You say finances are tight.The only cheap part of ownership is the petrol you burn.Can you work on your own bike or do you know some1 handy that is happy working on dukes.Looks ok for a bike of that age.If you like it and it checks out to be good buy it.$3000 is not alot to spend if it puts a smile on your face

desmodave, Dec 8, 7:55am
Wont be another 1 in the street anyway.

toppo1, Dec 8, 8:02am
Not a duke expert but I thinkthose pasos are damn ugly. But if you like that's all that matters.

trogedon, Dec 8, 8:17am
I like it - the white is dramatic to say the least. It would have to have a good maintainence record! Did he say it was missing the indicator lenses!

ninja_man, Dec 8, 8:22am

gunhand, Dec 8, 8:25am
I like it in an ugly but cool kinda way. Im sure ive seen a few of these in the red green and white livery in the past. Could be a different model though. These slab sided ones always stuck in my mind.3k would be cheap enough if its in good nick as it looks to be. Something you wouldnt/shouldnt see every day.

skippy33, Dec 8, 9:02am
the 50 limited edition models were all white,never been a fan of the pasos,but this one has caught my eye,not sure y

hyphen, Dec 8, 9:03am
yeah, nice bike repaint it in MHR colours and it will be worth 10 grand

tigertim20, Dec 8, 9:23am
They are possibly the UGLIEST bike ever built.

Given the age and KMs, I wouldnt bother. Ducs of that era do tend to be fairly needy in the servicing department, later ducs are much better though.
The rarity, and low price are a confusing thing though, Id be raising my eyebrow at that.

I would keep looking. whats your budget and what do you want to be doing exactly on the bike! - maybe we can suggest a possible alternative!

richard198, Dec 8, 9:49am
The Pasos weren't very good at being sporty (underpowered) but may be okay for a regular ride. The price is about right, along with the mileage.
A 1995 750ss is about $4,500.
A 2000 750ss is about $6,500.They are both improvements on the Paso but with the obvious cost.

richard198, Dec 8, 10:29am
The other thing about Pasos is; they're not really Ducatis.
They're more of a Cagiva with a Ducati motor.

desmodave, Dec 8, 5:23pm
88000kms , cant be to unreliable.I wonder how resent the belts and shims where done.How many owners has it been through.anyway at 3g for abit of fun whats stoping you.

sifty, Dec 8, 7:18pm
I always thought those ones resembled cheap plastic suitcases.

mike77, Dec 8, 7:37pm
Looks like a reasonable toy TBH. I personally don't like the Paso's, especially looking at ya knees to find the mirrors!

But hey, anything thats old and is in good nick is a good buy in my book.

richard198, Dec 8, 8:08pm
You can get a lot more fun for less if you want something that handles!
I bought and sold an FZ750 for $1,800/$2,000 a while ago which would have left the Paso in the weeds!

desmodave, Dec 9, 1:30am
Did you want it because you realy wanted a fz750 or did you buy it as it was affordable.I bought a $6000 ducati 25 years ago, i still have it.I wonder if i had bought a jappa back then weather or not i would still have it.Ok thats a lie. the jappa idea never crossed my mind.

richard198, Dec 9, 3:34am
I bet it wasn't a Paso!

desmodave, Dec 9, 5:31am
You bet right.Paso has never done anything for me.

whqqsh, Dec 9, 5:45am
Ive never like fully faired bikes but this is an extreme example of what I call a 'fridge' & I actually liked them. until I dicked one on my old Pop-up Katana from Maungatapere to Whangamata. & thats when they were the hot new shit. Saw one recently beside a same year GSXR750 & the Duck was a grand cheaper, salesman reckoned that constant maintenance will soon chew that up & then some.

toot5, Dec 9, 9:55am
i had a 906 with the 16inch wheels and tires were a problem. i liked it, found it more comforable tham my harley for touring. dont my own work on it used to send the shins to someone in chch with measurements and get right ones back, not that hard to do. always got me home, cant complane

i-n-horz, Dec 9, 11:56am
If you could get hold of a graphics kit for it or have a duplicate made up I'd then blow over her in a pearl white,slap on some nice,big and shiny chrome exhausts and BOOM! she's a beauty ;)

danchop, Dec 9, 7:47pm
yeah can you still get tyres for them!

desmodave, Dec 11, 3:06am
so are you buying it or not

kazbanz, Dec 11, 4:20am
the only hassle I've seen with paso'd is the water in the coils issue