Ktm 250 sx-f or ktm exc 250f for farm/offroad

scradzz69, Dec 9, 5:50am
Which bike will best suit offroading and running around on a farm!

tez, Dec 9, 6:21am
EXC would probably be the better bet. Wider ratio gearbox, bigger fuel tank (I think), slightly less "peaky" power delivery, softer suspension and lights.Just my two cents; best bet is to ride before you buy.The 250 and 300 2-strokes are also worth a look, the 300 develops some nice power but still has decent torque.

muzz67, Dec 9, 6:02pm
Electric start exc-f. Unless you're doin motox the enduro style bike will be the better option. Sxf very hard suspension etc. Excf can be made just as powerfull with a decent pipe and jetting.Both mosels have horrible seats which will need surgery! Peel back the cover and reshape the sharp edges with a beltsander and put the cover back on. Make sure the foam is real smooth or it'll show through.

kazbanz, Dec 9, 8:36pm
scradz--could I ask why you are hooked on KTM!
I'm not saying DONT I'm just saying a working farm bike/poodling trail bike is different from a hard out trail bike/MX bike other brands/types might suit the job better

NZTools, Dec 10, 2:21am
The biggest thing about what makes a farm bike a farm bike, is usable torque from idle. If you want to spend all day crushing your nuts against the tank or handle bar mounts because you stalled it, (yet again) then get a hi perf peaky bike. Great for weekends, not so flash for putting along behind cows.

My little CTX 200 will idle up hills and over rough ground all day without stalling or overheating, but it doesnt like big air or being caned across the rough stuff.Both those KTM's will be the opposite.

scradzz69, Dec 10, 5:36am
I had allways wanted a KTM, but have started looking at different options too. What i want is basically a reliable dirt bike that can do general riding on a farm and still be able to be taken on trails etc.

kazbanz, Dec 10, 5:39am
scradzz--simple question--ARE YOU going to be using the bike as a farm bike or are you offroading that happens to be on farm land!
Theres a huge difference yasee

scradzz69, Dec 10, 5:43am
Buying it as an off road bike but i currently work on a farm and would like to use it for general farm work sometimes as well.

kazbanz, Dec 10, 8:19pm
scradzz --Ok MX bikes are highly tuned bits of machinery.The entire purpose of riding them is to WIN. Because of this they are rebuilt often so that even 1% of the possible performance isn't lost. For general trail use you aren't racing so who cares if you loose even as much as 10% of the power over time! BUT with bikes like that you DO still need to do regular rebuilds just that the intervalls are a lot greater.
Also as NZtools explained MX bikes tend to have their power fairly high up in the rev range. Ie they are a lot more difficult to ride at a slow or even average pace.The clutch getts a pasting if you do and even compared to a normal trail bike of the same capacity they feel gutless--Untill you light the wick.
Something to keep in mind too--Theres more than one reason farm bikes are low revving with a low deep engine note. The boss most likely will get pretty annoyed with the noise and the animals aren't gonna be keen. -One final note --pure MX bikes don't have stands. you need a big ol sidestand with a 80mm foot on it for paddock work.

NZTools, May 23, 7:41am
Good point Kaz. The first lamb smother you cause by giving an mx/enduro bike a good twist on the throttle, will more than make up for the cost of having a bike for each job.