On TV the other day - HOLD ON

lookoutas, Dec 10, 6:01am

Somethings stuffed up there - I'll try again.

lookoutas, Dec 10, 6:09am

grangies, Dec 10, 6:14am
I think I'd rather have my testicles nailed to a wooden plank, and then pulverised with a hammer, than buy one of those things.

pollymay, Dec 10, 6:22am
I'll be honest, that's really cool. I won't buy one but still awesome

mugenb20b, Dec 10, 6:55am
That thing is awesome! From what I can gather, the girl said it took 5 years to develop, you have to be very fit as you take a lot of impact. The guy was saying that all the hoses have to be able to rotate individually, and it's the two smaller jets that are the controls. You have to be very precise with how you use them, and balance is essential. They could get it to go up to 20km/h. 120 hp motor drives the pump.

michael.benn, Dec 10, 8:48am
What a fantastic concept!

I wouldn't buy one unless they were really cheap, but you can't deny that it's pretty cool.

mrfxit, Dec 10, 9:08am
Yep thats pretty cool
The stress's on your body would be pretty tough, but it's a heck of a workout.
It looks to be basically just driven directly off the back of a std full size jetski.
I can see this sort of thing appearing in the movies before long.

lookoutas, Dec 10, 10:21pm
The only thing I understood was the word that seemed to mean "fear"

flitt, Dec 10, 11:23pm
Yes, well, that also sounds like a lot of fun. Why don't you put up a youtube vid of that! I imagine a lot of people will respond: 'I think I'd rather pay for and own a Flyboard Zapata than have that done to me'.

ozz1, May 23, 1:54pm
fk. lookslike extremefun. once you master it. they should sell it with a dolphin or seal look alike suit.!