Oh dear.some folk don't know when to stop!

i-n-horz, Dec 10, 1:14pm
before what they are doing becomes mute.

pico42, Dec 10, 2:07pm
Yeah, becomes moot after a while. But I can say I have never seen a burnout on rims like that.

trogedon, Dec 10, 6:47pm
Agree with the comment - shame the thing didn't catch fire. Idiots.

gammelvind, Dec 10, 7:43pm

bigjerry, Dec 10, 9:17pm
Well that was ridiculous.

a18a, Dec 10, 9:29pm
needs a locky

moosie_21, Dec 10, 11:28pm
Burnout then fireworks, sweet!

gooddealz2, Dec 10, 11:31pm
Not convinced the road was quite as private as they were at pains to state.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 10, 11:48pm
. and then Mum and Dad came home.

smartass3000, Dec 11, 12:38am
I'm not much of a motor head, how does only one of the back wheels spin, the left back was fine! how does that work!

absolutelyfunky, Dec 11, 12:45am
You'll need a locked or LSD diff for that, it had an open diff so once one of the wheels looses traction only that one will spin. Think about what happens to wheels when they both have to spin at the same speed going around a corner ;)

mugenb20b, Dec 11, 7:27am
Open diff. When you turn left, outer wheel has to rotate much faster than inner wheel. A 2WD car, is actually a 1WD car, so the wheel with least traction will "get the drive", unless they both have equal grip. Just to confuse matters even more, a full time 4WD car is only a 2WD car in effect. So, what that means is, if you have any 1 slipping wheel on the front axle and any one slipping wheel on the rear axle (ex, LF and RF), you are stuck and will be going nowhere. Like the poster above me said, in order to have traction at both driving wheels, you will need a locked diff, or limited slip diff.

waythe, May 25, 4:05pm
got me thinking I have an old honda 750 and a spare rim now that would be a good burn out