How can I tell which

eagles9999, Dec 10, 9:46pm
engine I have in my 1993 Nissan Avenir.

andrea_w, Dec 10, 9:48pm
There will be a blue or silver tag - most likely on the firewall. Your engine code is on that

andrea_w, Dec 10, 9:49pm

This is one from a Skyline, "RB26DETT" is the engine code. your plate should look very similar (not the details, but the layout)

eagles9999, Dec 10, 11:33pm
Thanks very much

kazbanz, May 23, 4:56pm
eagles-the FACTORYengine capacity is actually on the plate for one of those. IE as mentioned theres a silver plate on the firewall in front of the driver and on it is the CC rating