Help please. What do you guys think of this mower and is it 2 stroke or 4 stroke cheers

sd8888, Dec 11, 4:37am
What do you guys think of this mower and is it 2 stroke or 4 stroke! Cheers.

motorway, Dec 11, 4:37am
It's great isn;t it.lovely, nice colour.

matarautrader, Dec 11, 4:38am
Well I've heard of invisible ink and now we have invisible mowers!

sd8888, Dec 11, 4:39am
Listing #: 429446915
whoops my bad lol

matarautrader, Dec 11, 4:41am
Its no good here in New Zealand as it is American and left hand drive.

sd8888, Dec 11, 4:43am
haha funny guy

sd8888, Dec 11, 4:45am
If I knew how to I would have lol I'm looking for a 4 stroke mower but not sure what to look for.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 11, 4:48am
O.K well briggs motors are a good idea because they are super popular and generally a good engine. Then you want to look at the quality of the deck and wheels. The better mowers have better bearings in the wheels. If the deck is steel you want it to be as heavy a gauge as possible and generally an alloy deck is even better.

Generally a maintained Briggs will outlast at least a couple of steel decks. Usually what kills a mower is the deck and/or wheels. Keep that in mind and it becomes simpler.

thejazzpianoma, Dec 11, 4:53am
That said if you got the yardman for a hundy would it really matter if it didn't last a long time!

jmma, Dec 11, 4:55am
The mower in question has a Briggs Quantum motor and if it goes for around $150 - 175 it should be OK. It looks in reasonable condition and that steel deck will be a bit better quality than the ones around today.

sd8888, Dec 11, 4:57am
Is it 2 or 4 stroke!

jmma, Dec 11, 4:59am
4 stroke

sd8888, Dec 11, 5:04am
So you think to go for it!

jmma, Dec 11, 5:06am
Yes, If you can get it for the right price, just need to ask if blades OK, if any known probs etc,

sd8888, Dec 11, 5:13am
sweet thanks guys :)

owene, Dec 11, 9:09am
Heap of shite. Wouldn't touch any mower that wasn't genuine Honda.

jmma, Dec 11, 9:20am
OK if you have the money (o:
Honda is usually overkill for a domestic lawn anyway.

ema1, May 25, 4:13pm
I've had Briggs & Stratton powered mowers for neigh on 45years now and my folks had em for around 20 odd before that and we never had any problems with them apart from blades needing replaced and regular maintenance done.
Reliability with them goes same as that of your car.neglect it and it won't last long.
My most recent one has been doing a stirling service for the last 22years and still starts up first pull.
I have nearly 3/4 acre to mow by the way.