Rolling guards.

pete52m, Apr 1, 1:05am
Anyone there doing Rolling guards properly!

paull, Apr 2, 4:24am
mate get a pipe and as you drive forward stick the pipe between the tyre and the guard, the angle you hold it at gives you the desired roll you need, try 40mm first then make your way to 50mm pipe, works a treat and looks great, just cover the pipe in mums undies or her best skirt so not to damage the paint work,,, tell her its for a good cause

lookoutas, Apr 2, 5:33am
Heard of a baseball bat being used. An old one! Same method as paull mentioned, and probably a 2 man/person job.
The wood has just the right amount of give.

pete52m, Apr 2, 8:41pm
yeah that what im want to do. thanks for that

pete52m, Apr 2, 8:43pm
yeah looks it will work but don't want to risk my guards.thanks for the comments tough

lookoutas, Apr 2, 9:08pm
The risk is you. Don't blame the tools:)

whqqsh, Apr 2, 9:14pm
dunno, Ive tried that on 2 cars, an old VF Valiant & my little Pinto, both just about rolled the tyre off the the rim before even looking at shifting the guard, maybe its a method 'thinner skinned' cars

lookoutas, Apr 2, 9:54pm
Double skinned back guards would be hard - the fronts should move easily. My method is a good heavy block of cloth covered wood to use as a dolly, and carefully hammer the lip. It often cracks the paint around the edge.

cuda.340, Apr 3, 1:39am
heat the area where the paint is most likely to crack with a heat gun of some type, hairdryers work well, before you do the bend. the paint when warm is a bit more flexible. it don't work if its paint over bogg.

lookoutas, Sep 22, 6:17pm
That's a good tip cuda

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