300zx upgrades

jsbike, Mar 30, 1:13am
Cousin just got himself a TT one. He's wating to get 400hp atw. Where to go, what to do, information links on the web etc would be great.

jasongroves, Mar 30, 1:22am

jsbike, Mar 30, 1:40am
cheers dude!

foxdonut, Mar 30, 2:55am
Re 400hp - best mod! Sell it and put the money towards a Supra.

ct9a, Mar 30, 2:59am
turbo's ,ecu,intercooler,boost controller,fuel pump,regulator,exhaust,downpip-

jsbike, Mar 30, 3:25am
the question was the "best way to get 400hp from a 300zx", not "what car can I get 400hp from"

jezz43, Mar 30, 3:27am
a large nitrous kit, will save loads of cash as he only loses the nitrous tank when he crashes it

foxdonut, Mar 30, 3:34am
Yes, and the best way to get 400hp from a 300zx is to sell it and buy a Supra.

ct9a, Mar 30, 3:41am
GTR would be best vehicle to gain such a pissy amount of power : )

either way nissan power

jsbike, Mar 30, 7:18am
ah no, that still power from a supra, not a 300zx.

ginga4lyfe, Mar 30, 7:37am
umm. 206 Kw is 270Hp, a fair few hp from 300

framtech, Mar 30, 10:36am
HP = More fuel

Better to start with something light weight than crank 400hp in a overweight tank.
The cost of getting that extra HP would be extreme, worked heads, cams, computer, bigger turbos and new piping, bigger intercooler and then you need to keep it from overheating as there is a lot of engine in a small area. Mine was worked and was hard to keep cool when flogging it.
Might be better to get some weight out of the car and fit a different diff to get better gain up to 100kph.
why not save yourself alot of trouble and cost and get your hands on a small car RWD and fit a twincam turbo in it eg lets look at the 300ZX with 400HP
Power at Flywheel (BHP) :400
Weight without Driver (KG) :1373
Power to Weight Ratio (BHP Per Ton) :296.01
0 - 60 (Secs) :4.12
0 - 100 (Secs) :9.13
60 - 100 (Secs) :5.01
Quarter Mile (Secs) :12.32
Terminal Speed (MPH) :116.16
Drag Strip Quarter Mile (Secs) :12.22
Drag Strip Terminal Speed (MPH) :117.49

or small car with a cheaper twincam turbo
Power at Flywheel (BHP) :240
Weight without Driver (KG) :750
Power to Weight Ratio (BHP Per Ton) :325.14
0 - 60 (Secs) :3.89
0 - 100 (Secs) :9.77
60 - 100 (Secs) :5.89
Quarter Mile (Secs) :12.25
Terminal Speed (MPH) :111.94
Drag Strip Quarter Mile (Secs) :12.15
Drag Strip Terminal Speed (MPH) :113.27

carkitter, Mar 30, 11:42am
4hp = 3kw.
Before you start doing any mods, check the engine out extensively first and may sure it's up to scratch. Are the original 300hp still present and accounted for! Bolt-on mods on a worn engine won't do much.

carkitter, Mar 30, 11:56am
750kg! I think an Aerial Atom is out of his budget.

jsbike, Mar 30, 10:30pm
engine was recon, huge ammounts of recipts came with the car. he seems to be under the impression he can get 400atw from the factory turbos, I dont agree. any ideas on whay he's likely to get from upped boost, remapped ecu, front mount intercooler, exhaust, fuel pump!

desertcolt07, Mar 31, 12:45am
tell him to sell it and buy a supra

desertcolt07, Mar 31, 12:46am
HEY! i didnt even see that post!

1ollie, Mar 31, 9:25am
Yeah but the 300ZX isint the best looking car ever made so theres no point in going to something thats even uglyer and more costly to modify than it!

1ollie, Mar 31, 9:34am
206kw is at the engine when new and not 20 years after it was made!
I think 300wkw(not HP we arint in the US talking about pushrods anymore) is realy starting to push the standard turbos beyond there efficiancy range! some S14 T28's with ported wastegate holes would be the go along with 550cc injectors, upgraded intercoolers(factory are pretty much crap), K&N panel filters, bigger intake to factory airbox, upgraded down pipes & exhaust/s and a reflash of the ECU should get you to that target on a good un opened motor.

desertcolt07, Mar 31, 8:29pm
come on now, i'll admit, its a fine looking car but it aint got nothing on a wingless jza80

desertcolt07, Apr 1, 12:27am
lol, jza80 was launched in 93.but in all seriousness, my choice came down to 300zx vs supra. i went supra because of the sexier curves. anyway, im just happy i didnt go GTO

jsbike, Apr 2, 11:41am
5 k will get you a half decent 300, it wont get you a supra.

fordcrzy, Apr 2, 12:33pm
and theres a reason for that.

jsbike, Sep 21, 5:59pm
yeah, a 300 vs a supra is like comparing a supra with a gtr.

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