Whats the rules on tow bars

paull, Apr 2, 4:27am
can i make a tow bar for my mitsi canter, are there rules on making your own tow bars, i have been a welder for 25yrs so competent with the design and weld but , not certified anymore. whats the legal rules and would this be checked at warrant time, do they check this sort of thing ! thx heaps

johnf_456, Apr 2, 4:33am
I don't think so to my knowledge for light tow bars its pretty lax compared to heavy trailers, out of all the carsand parents have owned none have had the weight limt on them but they are all custom done. Doesn't bother me as I only tow what the car can handle.

marcos1, Apr 2, 5:47am
Correct indeed.We had a customer in this week that failed a COF for that very reason.
Removed the towbar, and it passed.

lookoutas, Apr 2, 6:01am
And it's so bloody inconvenient having to go that every 6 mts!

I do realize that some bodgies need to be weeded out. But I see heaps of crappy certified tow-bars that I would never build for myself. I've even (illegally) strengthened one for one of my own cars.

v8_mopar, Apr 2, 6:08am
Just looked at the bar on the coon and it states as a ford part 60kg load max which is not much at all but in saying that its got to pull the rated 1200kgs unbraked or 2000kgs braked not carry it.

demons, Apr 2, 6:25am
that comment from you tell it all hence they must be certed. had one certed last week dude came out with his laptop measured everything and worked out it max load. he was mostly working out the downward pressure which in his case wass 300kg.

johnf_456, Apr 2, 6:28am
Yeah I know but most are not especially custom, there is a difference to what should be done and what should not. Has I said none of my cars have had certs and I have all had tow bars put on by a third party has I am to lazy.

tnt423, Apr 2, 7:21am
I think for towing anything under 2500kg any one can make a tow bar, but any thing over that needs a cert.

bigfatmat1, Apr 2, 8:17am
wof = anyone no rules but bolts must be tight. cof needs cert and to be welded by certified welder also needs to meet special requirements

johnf_456, Apr 2, 8:22am

franc123, Apr 2, 8:25am
and obviously if there is any cracking or excessive corrosion or anything else about its attachment, or the areas that its attached to, loose towballs etc.

johnf_456, Apr 2, 8:27am
Common sense pretty much to sum it up.

rsr72, Apr 2, 8:30am
Yep, common sense.
God we're drowning in bureaucratic rules these days.

carmedic, Apr 2, 8:34am
Plus it must be bolted to the vehicle not welded.

fordcrzy, Apr 2, 8:37am
there are loads of towbars that have only a 50-60kg down weight limit.think about it.you can't even stand on the towbar.

franc123, Apr 2, 8:40am
entirely normal on small cars, the static load is only about 10% of what the towbar is rated at, for a 600kg towing weight that is about right.

neville48, Apr 2, 9:44am
Am i correct in saying that if you install one of the towbars with the slide in ball holder you just take the slide in part out when you go for a WOF and in doing this you are not covered by any towbar rules at all because its not a towbar at thatstage. you can even make and install these yourself. correct !

carmedic, Apr 2, 9:46am
Weld it up so it can't be used & you're right.

paull, Apr 2, 10:13am
awsome, its got a wof so im into it then, cheers guys, i will be copying a tow bar of a canter anyway and i checked it myself for tags and weight limits and it had nothing on it and bloke said its been on there 20 years and never had any issues

unideck, Sep 21, 8:16am
Paull, no rules mate providing as above its not a COF vehicle, bolts must be 8.8 tensile 12mm to be safe. For the COF bar the bolts must be 10.9 tensile M14 but most cert engineers ask for M16 :)

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