SOCRAM - come on in.

trogedon, Apr 2, 3:02am
Hi Ray. I've just sent you an email.

socram, Apr 2, 7:47am
Got it. Can't really see why you posted that on here though Trog.

hutchk, Apr 2, 8:26am
So everybody else would feel left out!

morrisman1, Apr 2, 8:27am
I feel left out

trogedon, Apr 2, 9:09am
Only because you may not have got my last email.and to make 'them' feel left out!

townie55, Apr 2, 10:04am
I feel left out too.Stink!

socram, Sep 21, 3:47am
Sorry Townie, haven't seen you around for a while either!You must be feeling so lonely.

Blasted keyboard is playing up. Had enough of doing everything twice!

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