Vitara '99 on - pros/ cons?

intrade, Mar 29, 9:59pm
forget it 99 are mazda for diesel poos . for what you want you want a 4x4 carib toyota is what i would get. just forget about 4wd tracks.otherwiseyou need 2 carssuzuki escudo-vitara you have to get a diesel 2002 onwards with pugeot diesel or the later renault.

franc123, Sep 20, 3:12pm
Not sure about the 2.5 but the earlier 2.0V6 engines used to chew timing chains, many of them didn't even live as long as what a belt would, if the seller can't show you receipts for changing it, preferably from a Suzuki agent and/or the thing is rattly especially at idle theres a big bill coming up.They don't perform as well as you'd think and the economy is on par overall/worse open road than that of a 3.8 Commodore.I'd be wary of high km ones, I reckon the little 1600 petrol is still the pick of the bunch, and thats from someone who usually prefers 6cyl engines.

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