Palmy Swapmeet this weekend .

trader_84, Aug 3, 12:30am
same place as last time . be there.

toyboy3, Aug 3, 4:35am

twit7, Aug 3, 5:13am
yip going for a look but wont be taking the coupe ,pulling its motor out to do the frost plugs .

trader_84, Aug 5, 10:41pm
Wear your woolies . Palmerstons cold today and probably will be tomorrow.

twit7, Aug 6, 12:19am
its all ways cold down there

pfemstn, Aug 6, 12:52am
at Feilding Manfeild complex, car show indoors sellers out in the cold!

jrlaw, Aug 6, 1:09am
Come on folk toughen up it is bracing in the Manawatu not cold! Ha Ha Ha

trader_84, Aug 6, 1:35am
Lol! I am sitting inside at the moment in the Manawatu . the fires going and its cold . and guess what - raining for the first time in a fews days. Just started.

jrlaw, Aug 6, 11:14am
At 11.15 pm tonight, a good frost, in the morning has started to set.Have a good day tomorrow all

trader_84, Aug 6, 11:22am
Ron, where are you!

trader_84, Aug 6, 6:59pm
Weather report . just stuck my head outside . overcast, no wind and no rain. Puddles from last night but no fresh rain. Leaving now . see you all there, lol!

trader_84, Aug 7, 3:02am
Back . heaps of people there . looked to be a lot of stuff that was there this morning that did not sell last time, lol! There was the odd cheap thing there but overall, I would say it was as expensive as always. It didn't piss down but there seemed to be a constant light (like real light) drizzle throughout the day. Did't go to Cruising Customs BBQ afterwards. A few rods around town and a few real good looking roughies (Rats) at the meet inside being shown.

mustangsally2, Sep 17, 6:57am
My other half left at 6am from New Plymouth for the swap meet.phoned a while back.he's in his element even though it's raining.told him :dont bring any more junk home or else". he will tho. He reckons it's a great swap meet.