Oxyacetylene hire?

tortron, Aug 6, 7:26am
can i hire a gas torch from anywhere in hamilton! Tomorrow!before 10am!
ok, perhaps the 10 am is asking a bit much.But i want to do a bit of radiator repair (fan fell off, through a couple of fins)

noswalg, Aug 6, 7:32am
Hirepool has them

cuda.340, Aug 6, 7:35am
if your just soldering you can buy a propane Map Gas torch resonably cheap & you get to own it.

tortron, Aug 6, 7:46am
It would be useful to have some workshop heat whenever i want it.What sort of temperature do they get up to! not quite enough to braize!

drew2009, Aug 6, 8:01am
Had no idea you could hire an oxy acet plant! Thats interesting.
Another option you could look at for home use is buying an Oxy/LPG plant that will still braze and cut quite nicely. Around $2-300 to setup and $12 a month for oxy bottle.
If you only want it for a one off personally id find someone with a MIG welder and use that for any steel bits and braze the radiator up with a gas plant easy flow silver brazing wire is really good (so long as you got the skills not to burn a massive hole lol).

tortron, Aug 6, 8:51am
Yea have a welder. Have done it once before (same problem different car. fan through the bottom tank, taking out a couple of tubes).Looks to be about $50 for half a day hire, so might have a dig around for anything else i can burn

drew2009, Aug 6, 9:24am
It is possible to silver braze with MAPP gas in theory, it is more than hot enough at the flame and there seems to be a few reports of success on online forums, but having never used it for brazing im not sure. This fella seemed to do ok with it http://www.youtube.com/watch!v=u94WsKf6JRo
Check out google.

unclejake, Aug 6, 10:13am
You can buy an LPG torch and hose assembly that attaches to a BBQ bottle.

They aren't very hot, but do help with freeing stuck nuts and so-forth.

elect70, Aug 6, 11:55pm
I use Map gasfor fridge workcan silfos copper pipe up to 5/8 diain enclosed area.Even plumbers use i them too. Plenty hot enough forrad work . about $120

yeahm8, Aug 7, 1:14am
I hired a unit from Hirepool, was only $50 for half a day plus materials.

ola_bitchola1, Sep 16, 11:03pm
we used those for doing large cable solder lugs they get well hot enough for solder to flow really well on a chunky piece of cable