What is this button for

jason18, Aug 6, 6:48am
helicopter wings! Aerial !

jezz43, Aug 6, 6:48am
retracts electronic aerial!

or portable clothesline

franc123, Aug 6, 6:53am
Yep aerial switch.

nave12, Aug 6, 6:53am
A cocktail glass that appears out of the cup holder when the buttons pushed!.

plc68, Aug 6, 7:02am
doesnt do anything to aerial

cowboy110, Aug 6, 7:05am
Lightning conductor.Only to be used in heavy rain storms.

flat_white_ltd, Aug 6, 7:15am
" Display Camel-Toe "

neville48, Aug 6, 7:28am
Shite !What ever you do .do not push that button, DO NOT PUSH THAT BUTTON !

flat_white_ltd, Aug 6, 7:35am
\l/.he-he, .( camel-toe) pmsl . if only, aye !!

).(<<< guess we all know what that'd be for, then :)

bubbles52, Aug 6, 7:58am
yes, puts arial up and down, yours is probably not working

urbanrefugee54, Aug 6, 8:44am
maybe someone might have replaced the camel toe with a static non electric one!

jason18, Aug 6, 8:44am
what's an arial!:)

jezz43, Aug 6, 8:45am
its a font

gammelvind, Aug 6, 8:47am
To christen your baby in.

kandjaja, Aug 6, 9:31am
Perhaps its for the corner marker aerial on the front bumper by chance!.

ml6989, Aug 6, 10:02am
I think it is for earthing out the vehicle so you dont get booted by static electricity when you get out of the car. If you forget to push it, the build up of static may eventually melt your finger nails off. Be careful out there!

ralphdog1, Aug 6, 10:06am
Ejector seat fire button

tmenz, Aug 6, 10:36am
Inserts IUD.

3962, Aug 6, 11:10am
it's the boot light switch. Get someone to lay in the boot while you press the button. If they say its not working, they're lying. So lock them in the boot until they tell the truth.

mingle417, Aug 6, 11:14am
i think you might be right cause my 92 primera has a button like that which extends and retracts it

whqqsh, Aug 6, 6:57pm
press it & a funnel appears above the motor to assist oil fill. most cars dont need such a thing but then it is a Mitsi & may not be working due to overuse

lookoutas, Sep 16, 9:05am
That's because it could also be a female symbol with knickers on.