Does 2k hardener go off?

trogedon, Aug 6, 9:03am
I bought some about 1 1/2 years ago. I got some more today because the guy said it would've gone off. He said the (well I said and he agreed) the ratio of air to product would've ruined it. Would it have!

donz01, Aug 6, 9:14am
I used some 3-4 year old hardener and reducer without any problems. Both tins had been opened and used on a job 3-4 years ago.I dont think the ratio of air to product would mater if the lid was on securely as it would really only be hardener fumes and hardener in the tin.

rob_man, Aug 6, 9:24am
Sometimes it does but it can also sit around for ages without going off. I have some fast hardener in my garage that's about six months old and it's still OK. I've had whole tins of it go solid after a month as well.

trogedon, Aug 6, 9:48am
Hmmm.I'm tempted to use my left over stuff. I've used old hardener in the past and its been ok.

rob_man, Aug 6, 10:05am
If it's still liquid without any seedy bits it should be fine.

brad166, Aug 6, 7:41pm
The times I have had hardener go off is during summer when you get a stinking hot day. If you have a beer fridge in the garage keep it in there and it will last way longer.

gammelvind, Sep 16, 2:43am
Warm conditions and exposure to air does make it go off. So long as it is still liquid and clear it should be fine regardless of age.
Just a hint, if you have new can don't open it "to check it". When the can is packaged, the manufacturer puts a squirt of nitrogen in the top before the lid is put on in order to increase the shelf life. When you have a look you introduce oxygen and it starts to go off.