What are your thoughts on

3962, Aug 6, 10:54am
when selling a car, getting winning buyer to deposit a fraction of the winning bid into sellers account before coming to collect! it would save being d**cked around by people who had the chance to look at the item, coming around & then changing their mind because they didn't check it out before auction closed. Of course it would be stated in the auction. And if bidders didn't like the idea, they don't need to bid.

safteystv, Aug 6, 11:49am
seems fair. are you willng to put a new warrent on the car at time of sale too.

3962, Aug 6, 11:56am
I don't think so. Say if it was an unfinished project or the likes or rolling body, would be a tad hard.

safteystv, Sep 15, 1:19pm
to true . but also add please check car before bidding. time wasters are everywhere. although nice holden but it looks like someone used the boot as a fish tank, of sea water bloody rust , my holden's are getting lighter too.