Speaker cables

richardmayes, Aug 6, 4:50am
In a car!Why not.I expect the proper audiophiles will shoot me for saying this but it is just conductive wire FFS. It is the quality of the speakers that makes the sound good, bad or ugly.

Your wire just needs to be free of breaks, free of corrosion and strong enough to make good connections.

lugee, Aug 6, 5:56am
Yeah nah. Depending on the quality of your speakers and audio source you're probably gonna hurt your sound quality.

Believe me, theres a lot more to it than just that (studying advanced data and telecommunication cabling)

richms, Aug 6, 6:15am
Not really much more to it, its low current, low frequency stuff - skin effects are non existent at audio frequencies on any normal sized cable before you bring that up, the rest of it is just resistance and inductance, and both will many orders of magnitude less than what the speaker has.

Bigger issues are the terminations on the end of it. I have seen many PA rigs with cheap 4 core 3phase flex used on the speakons, not an issue.

richardmayes, Aug 6, 6:16am
I'm sure you're right - but some of the best-sounding home hi-fi outfits I've spent any time listening to have run scrappy old bits of antenna wire to the speakers.

richms, 6 days, 20 hours
Just not that transparent insulated soft crap that seems to be the rage a few years back. Goes soft as when in a hot car and sticks to the soundproofing better than the wire, so when you pull on the wire half the insulation stays in the soundproofing.