12v Fridges

bubbles52, Aug 5, 4:54am
thinking about putting one in my van to keep drinks cold for working onsite, my question is how would it keep cool when the van is turned off, wouldnt it just drain the battery!

slarty45, Aug 5, 5:12am
I have a Waeco CF40 fridge freezer, it draws 2.2 amps when running.
Runs on 230v & 12v, solar panel on roof of van is the go.

mugenb20b, Aug 5, 5:15am
Maybe a separate deep cycle battery hooked up to a solar powered charger might help! Not 100% sure on this one, sorry. When I worked out of a van on a job site, I was being a tight arse and just used a chilly bin filled with ice.

bubbles52, Aug 5, 5:34am
solar panel sounds good with another battery, cheers guys

crzyhrse, Aug 5, 10:06am
Not just 'another' battery. A starting battery will quickly die (and I don't mean just discharge, but as in will be knackered) in short order being used in this fashion. It needs to be a deep cycle.

bigracket, Aug 5, 12:21pm
correct !

pnh4, Aug 5, 12:45pm
that's the one cos' fridges use bugger all power 12v DC or AC ones.

saxman99, Aug 5, 7:57pm
The fridge in our camper drains our 125mAh deep cycle battery to half (at which point the electronics step in and cut off the power to avoid totally discharging the battery) after about 8 hours.

bigfatmat1, Aug 6, 1:03am
125mah surprised it runs it at all lol

crzyhrse, Aug 6, 1:25am
I'll say! LOL

saxman99, Aug 6, 1:28am
Oops.Lets lose that extraneous m.125Ah.

As you were.

richms, Sep 14, 6:51am
The peltier based coolers are virtually useless for the ones I have tried. Get a little ice build up on the inside where the cooler is but even on a 2 hour drive there is no change in temperature to the room temp cans that were put in when leaving.